ICAD - Integrated Car And Driver Development Program

Introducing the only Integrated Car And Driver development (ICAD) program available exclusively for vintage motorsports in the USA.

Our program is designed to ‘Match’ car and driver to:

  • Increase confidence
  • Maximize performance
  • Improve lap times
  • Develop a better understanding of racecar dynamics
  • Create a safer more aware driver
  • Maximize enjoyment

The program has been developed to be tailored to the goals and aspirations of the driver.

The program works by gaining detailed information on both car and driver. From this questionnaire we will have all the information we need to tailor a development program that will meet all your goals and aspirations.

We will perform an in-depth analysis of the current setup and dynamics of your racecar, then change and/or modify the setup to be an idealized match to you, the driver.

After the analysis and setup we head to the track to tune the racecar and driver. Using instructional tools such as driver coaching, data acquisition and on-board video, we will hone the partnership of racecar and driver to a level not previously experienced.

Upon completion of the program a detailed logbook will be furnished with detailed analysis and setup sheets along with data acquisition traces, driver de-briefing notes and chassis and handling notes.