Virtual Driver Coaching

Interested in improving your laptimes ? Do you have a data logger or realize that they are an essential learning tool and want to get one? Are you unsure of how to interpret the funny looking lines on the monitor and how that will make you faster?

Worry no more.

Here at Thomas Vintage Motors we have developed a Virtual Driver Coaching system that will maximize your on-track performance without the expense of hiring a race engineer to be with you at the track.

How does it work? Well, you the driver will conduct your session in the usual fashion and once completed download the data from your data logger and send it to us via email, text, or any other electrical means. We will have standing by our race engineer to instantly download, interpret and compile a report detailing areas for improvement, let you know what you're doing right and provide analytical data and graphs.

The report will give suggestions for you to work on it the next session. The reports focus is on the areas for greatest improvement first, so as not to overwhelm you with too much data, which leads to confusion. After the next session simply repeat the process.

We have been using this system with our clients as a way to accelerate their learning of a new track or one that is a long haul away. The feedback we provide gives the driver instant confidence that in the next session they'll be better prepared to attack those aspects of the track.

One such client has been competing at Laguna Seca for the Monterey Historics / Reunion event for a few years. He typically would turn a high 1.39s or low 1.40s by the end of the weekend. With our Virtual Coaching program he was in the 1.39's in the second session and produced a low 1.36 by the end of the weekend. That's 3 seconds and also the fastest time in his class all event.

But that's not all. We were able to analyize the fastest segments he produced throughout the weekend to see that, theoretically his fastest lap was a low 1.33! Now that's another 3 seconds and a solid basis for next year.

"My two race experiences with Nathan's Virtual coaching were first at High Plains raceway in Colorado, in my Lola T-70, where I started sessions lapping at 2.03, and by the end of the weekend, was down to 1.54, fastest in my group.

At Laguna Seca Rolex Reunion races in my T70, started the weekend lapping at 1.40, and ended up at 1.36.0, fastest lap of the weekend in my group.

The specific turn by turn feedback in terms of braking points, shifting points and corner speeds and rpm's was something that I could not have determined without this process."

David Jacobs - Lola T70 MK2 Spyder.